Maintenance Contracts

ALMiG maintenance guarantees that your systems are always in full working order - no waiting!

Our maintenance contracts give you the following advantages:

ALMiG offers you a choice of three individually structured maintenance contracts:

This maintenance contract minimises the risk that your plant has to be put out of operation owing to defects or faults by means of regular, precautionary inspection. We guarantee that the statutory regulations are observed. We monitor and meet the recurring maintenance dates without you having to worry about them yourself. And the best thing about it: the costs remain calculable.

The Premium maintenance contract offers you the following advantages:

With this maintenance contract, you not only enjoy all the advantages of the Premium maintenance, you also ensure maximum operating reliability and availability for your plant.

The Premium Plus maintenance contract gives you the following additional advantages:

And if at any time your compressor cannot be reconnected within a short time, we will install a hire plant within 24 hours free of charge. Expensive downtimes and waiting times are simply not on.

With a Full Service maintenance contract you no longer have to worry about a thing. It gives you all the advantages of the Premium maintenance contract and the Premium Plus maintenance contract as well as a whole lot of bonus benefits.If you want maintenance service that covers all aspects of compressor operation optimally, then the Full Service version is just the right thing for you.
The Full Service Maintenance Contract offers you the following additional advantages:

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