Screw Compressors

Performance class: 5.5 – 30 kW

The speed-controlled, directly driven compressors of the FLEX series are based on cutting edge research and technology and are used wherever compressed air is to be generated by a small, compact and extremely quiet system. Because of the integrated single-shaft solution, the sound level of these small screw compressors is around 60 dB(A), allowing them to be used directly in the workplace.

Market analyses show that on average compressors only have a utilisation rate of around 50–70 %. The maximum delivery volume is, however, only needed during peak times.
The integrated ALMiG SCD technology therefore delivers an integral drive concept with maximum cost-effectiveness for Speed Control and Direct drive. SCD technology, the benefits of which come to the fore in partial load applications, allows you to achieve an energy saving of up to 35% through:

Overview of Variants:

The screw compressors of the FLEX series are available in various variants with volume flows of between 0.53 – 3.47 m³/min thanks to their modular concept:



SCD motor

SCD direct drive

SCD frequency converter

Separation system

Radial fan

Unit cooler

Air Control

Potential Energy Saving:

Thanks to the integrated single-shaft solution and SCD technology, the compressors of the FLEX series offer zero-compromise, cutting-edge technology:

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