Is a cost-effective, energy-optimised compressed air supply crucial to production and revenue within your company? And does it enhance your competitiveness?

Take part in our free one-day seminars:

Aimed at operators and planners of compressed air stations, these seminars include:
- Essential information
- Practical tips
- Case studies illustrating the best approach to the management of compressed air systems.

Seminar 1

Can you afford to give away money?

"Possible methods of generating compressed air cost-effectively"

We will show you how to save money in the generation of compressed air.

Every compressed air station offers huge potential for saving energy, e.g. by looking at


Seminar 2:

Is oil-free compressed air right for you?

"Possible methods of generating oil-free compressed air cost effectively"

There are various ways of cost effectively generating oil-free compressed air. The seminar provides information about:

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